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Vinyl Flooring in Florida

vinyl flooring in Florida



When you're choosing vinyl tile flooring to decorate your home, you can be assured that you are investing in a strong, easy to care for, affordable flooring option. Vinyl is a material that is much lower in cost versus other flooring options and the material is water resistant and durable. There are also a variety of colors, styles and patterns to choose from. Thus, you can use vinyl to compliment your interior decorating preferences. This includes luxury vinyl options available on the market that are interior design friendly and can be used for any room. Because vinyl is strong and resilient, it is a great material to use in kitchens, bathrooms, entry and any high-traffic areas in the home. As long as the appropriate preparation measures have been taken in advance, vinyl can be installed over just about any type of flooring, so it is a versatile and money saving material.



Types of vinyl tile flooring

There are three different types of vinyl flooring options available to use in your home. Sheet vinyl comes in prepared rolls, is cut to measure and adhesive is applied to stick it to the floor. Sheet type of vinyl is often used in bathrooms and laundry rooms because they are high-moisture rooms and this type of vinyl easily resists moisture. Plank vinyl is constructed to mimic the look of hardwood, without the difficult installation and maintenance practices involved. It is also a much more affordable option over genuine hardwood and is easy to clean. Tile vinyl is made in dimensional squares of 12" or 18" options and is arranged on the floor in even squares. There are a number of patterns and styles to choose from, as well as the option of using self-adhesive vinyl tiles (a great DIY option) or tiles that require liquid adhesive. Vinyl tiles are easy to install and replace.



How do you clean vinyl?

Vinyl tile flooring is extremely easy to clean for spills, dust and dirt. Basic sweeping and light, damp mopping regularly is all that is needed for floors to look their best. If you choose vinyl flooring with high-resistance urethane coating, simple cleaning will complement the coating itself which is made to naturally resist scratches, scuffs, repel dirt and maintain a high-quality shine. Keeping your floors looking vibrant and new is easy when you are using vinyl tile flooring in your home.


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