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Top Pet Friendly Floor Options For Home

Pet-Friendly Flooring

For many of us, our lives with our furry family members are something we won’t ever compromise. Still, life with dogs and cats can present challenges at times, particularly when it comes to certain sights, smells, and stains. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of pet-friendly flooring options, both in hard and soft surfaces.


At K & Y Carpet One Floor & Home we understand that the pets are a nonnegotiable for a good many of us. Let us help you find a beautiful floor that caters to your ENTIRE family, without ever scrimping on style.



Laminate Flooring

Affordable, easy-keeping, and always elegant, laminate flooring protects against the constant presence of paws and claws, while easily wiping clean. Laminates achieve these superpowers via a clear protective finish.



Pet-Friendly Carpeting

Carpeting used to be off-limits to pet-friendly homes, but times have definitely changed for the better. Today, there are many smart and beautiful pet-friendly carpet options: options that offer up stunning style and texture, while keeping everyday stains, odors, and bacteria at bay.  We carry many of the best-loved pet-friendly flooring brands, including Relax its LEES



Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Easy keeping and eternally elegant, luxury vinyl flooring is designed for our busy times.  A floor that seems a natural fit for pet lovers, all luxury vinyl offers up some degree of moisture resistance, while some are fully waterproof. Simply wipe away spills with a damp cloth and rest assured that no odors or stains will linger. COREtec is just one of our amazingly resilient luxury vinyl options made with pup parents (and human parents!) in mind.


To learn more about our many pet-friendly flooring products, visit our showroom, located at 699 South Apollo Boulevard in Melbourne, FL today.


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