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Tile Flooring in Melbourne, FL

Florida’s most attractive aspects is our warm weather but finding flooring to combat our heat and humidity can seem an uphill battle. Tile flooring is the perfect option for indoors and outdoors. Durable and resistant to cracks, tile flooring has ample benefits. It’s easy to customize your home with tile. K & Y Carpet One Floor & Home in Melbourne is your local flooring and tile shop. Our flooring professionals are tile experts and can help you find the best tile for your home.



Which Tile Type Is Best For Me?



A Tile That Looks Like Wood

While we harbor thoughts of hardwood flooring, tile is better suited for the Florida climate. Wood-look tile lets incorporate all of hardwood’s rich visuals into your favorite indoor AND outdoor spaces. Made from durable and resilient porcelain and ceramic, wood-look tile comes in your favorite hardwood species and styles. It can be used on walls and floors. Select varieties are fully waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor entertainment areas. Wood look tile is engineered to withstand moisture, keep splashes at bay, and hold its own against humidity. It does a wonderful job of deceiving the eye, all while complimenting your beautiful surroundings. You’ll find wood-look tile right here in both plank and traditional tile forms.


Tile Ideas for Kitchen & Bath

Tile can serve important roles in the kitchen & bath. Certain tiles are fully waterproof and have sturdy textures that add safety treading around your tub or shower. Vastly different from tired old wallpaper, a tile backsplash can be the perfect addition to your walls, giving instant refreshment. It protects your walls from moisture and splashes. Beyond wall and floor tiles, we can also help create a custom tile shower or bath surround for a luxurious feel in your bathroom space. Let our professionals help you bring it all together, beautifully, for your next kitchen or bathroom renovation project.



A Bold Backsplash

Our experts can transform your kitchen or bathroom with a new tile backsplash. Originally, backsplash tile was a means to keep kitchen messes under control. Today it has become a centerpiece of the modern kitchen. Backsplash tile is endlessly creative, yet functional. Use your home and personal style to inspire a unique design. Your personal style combined with our flooring professional’s eye for design can create a completely custom look in your kitchen or bathroom.


The original concept of a backsplash is using it as a splash guard to protect your walls. With a proper backsplash tile arrangement, your walls are shielded from all kinds of accidental spatters and spills. Anything can be removed minimal effort, and stains are no longer a fear. The fact that you get to be creative is just a bonus.



Where Can Tile Be Installed?

We recommend talking to one of our flooring experts about what tile is best for different rooms. Depending on the traffic of the area you plan to install tile in you may want to go with stronger options. For high-moisture areas, choose textured tile to prevent slipping. Tile is not just limited to floors: it can be installed on your walls, showers, and outside as a patio. Wall tile is made of a specific type of ceramic tile that is lightweight and can stick to your walls better.



How We Install Tile

Our professional in-house installers can complete your next tile project. Before your installation begins, our installers will do a moisture test on an as-need basis in areas like your bathroom, where absorption may be an issue. Whether you’re installing new tile floors or removing them, we have the tools to make it dust-free.

During installation and demolitions dust can fly into the air, but we use the latest technology for a dust-free tile removal to keep your home healthy. We also offer a Map Guard Crack Suppression system for tile flooring installation. The installation process takes approximately one week for a small bathroom.



See Our Tile Selection

At K&Y Carpet One Floor Home we carry only the best tile brands and warranties. We offer a wide selection of floor and wall tiles! We carry name brands such as Daltile, Florida Tile, and Happy Floors. For more information, visit our showroom located at 699 South Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne, FL 32901.





Learn More About Tile



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Taking Care of Tile


Tile is minimal maintenance with added benefits. You can replace individual tiles easily, with day-to-day upkeep an exercise in simplicity.