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Living room with hardwood flooring and fireplace

Hardwood Flooring in Melbourne, FL


When it is time for new flooring in your home, homeowners love choosing hardwood because of its unique style and durable character. Only some other flooring choices add the same style, luxury, and value to a space. Your local hardwood flooring store is K & Y Carpet One Floor & Home in Melbourne, Florida. We offer one of the best hardwood selections in the region, along with hardwood installation services. Carpet One is the largest flooring cooperative in North America. As a small business, our membership in the co-op gives us competitive buying power, so we can offer you low hardwood prices every day while staying locally owned and operated.


What Are The Different Hardwood Styles?


Hardwood floors are an enduring investment for your home, offering unparalleled value and longevity. Although the upfront cost may be higher, natural wood floors contribute to the overall property value and are crafted to last the entire lifespan of your home. Additionally, hardwood eliminates concerns about trapping dust and allergens, as it lacks fibers like carpet or grout lines seen in tiles.

Diversity Tailored to You:


Hardwood floors are not one-size-fits-all; you can select the finish, color, and style that perfectly aligns with your design preferences.


Explore Unique Options:


What is the Best Humidity Level for Hardwood Floors?


The most common stress a hardwood floor is exposed to is moisture. It can cause your floors to swell, buckle, and crack over time and when drastic weather changes happen. We can test your home for moisture content and the hardwood you install to ensure a good pairing. Our salesperson indicates the specific percentages of humidity and temperature levels associated with your product and informs you of how to maintain the hardwood. We drill a hole in your subfloor and insert capsules in the hole that measure the relative humidity. Again, we will measure two weeks later, after installation, to ensure no problems.


Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood


Whether you appreciate the traditional allure of solid hardwood or seek the practical benefits of engineered hardwood, both options offer a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality in your home.


Solid Hardwood:

Engineered Hardwood:


Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation in Melbourne, FL


Investing in top-tier hardwood guarantees enduring beauty that withstands the test of time. Consider these insights to make the most informed choice for your home:


Solid Hardwood for Elevated Spaces:


Engineered Hardwood for Versatility:


Functional and Stylish:


As your premier destination for hardwood, at K & Y Carpet One Floor & Home, our experienced team ensures you find the perfect product for your unique needs. Benefit from subfloor moisture testing to confirm hardwood compatibility and enjoy a comfortable installation experience. Our team is dedicated to delivering beautiful interiors through personalized service. Experience the best in hardwood options and service excellence. Choose us as your trusted source for premium hardwood, offering quality assurance and lasting elegance. Visit our showroom to explore our extensive collection today.


Contact us or visit our Melbourne, FL, showroom to learn more. We proudly serve the neighboring communities as well.

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