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Hardwood Flooring in Melbourne, FL

When it is time for new flooring in your home, homeowners love choosing hardwood because of its unique style and durable character. In fact, few other flooring choices add the same level of style, luxury, and value to a space. K & Y Carpet One Floor & Home in Melbourne, Florida, is your local hardwood flooring store. We offer one of the best hardwood selections in the region, along with hardwood installation services. Our brands include popular options like Louzane® and Hydrotek® waterproof hardwood, which is a Carpet One exclusive. Carpet One is the largest flooring cooperative in North America. As a small business, our membership in the co-op gives us competitive buying power, so we can offer you everyday low hardwood prices, while staying locally-owned and operated.



Hardwood Styles

Hardwood floors are an excellent long-term investment for your home. While they may have a high upfront cost, natural wood floors add value to your property and are designed to last the life of your home in many cases. Hardwood also does not trap dust and allergens because there are no fibers like carpet or grout lines like tile.

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hardwood floors. You can choose the finish, color, and style that best suit your design needs and personal preferences. In general, wood is a timeless and ageless material that never goes out of style. Also, many interior decorators swear by the look of hardwood floors because of its elegance, quality, and the fact that it can make rooms appear to be more spacious. We have unique options like extra wide hardwood planks and collections with wire brushed and handscraped textures, so be sure to visit our showroom to see the latest trends and styles.



What is the Best Humidity Level for Hardwood Floors?

The most common stress a hardwood floor is exposed to is moisture. It can cause your floors to swell, buckle, and crack over time and when drastic changes in weather happen. We can test your home for moisture content as well as the hardwood you are choosing to install to ensure a good pairing. Our salesperson indicates the specific percentages of humidity and temperature levels that is associated with your product, and informs you of how to maintain the hardwood. We drill a hole in your subfloor and insert capsules in the hole that measures the relative humidity. Again, we will measure two weeks later, after installation, to ensure that there are no problems.



Solid vs Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood, which many homeowners consider the traditional choice, features a uniform construction. The wood planks are made from a single strip of premium hardwood, such as oak, hickory, maple, or birch. These planks are relatively thick, so solid hardwood can be refinished multiple times to extend their lifespan in your home. Engineered hardwood is made from multiple wood layers, so it is more dimensionally stable and moisture-resistant than solid wood floors. This makes it popular for people who are worried about Florida’s humidity, as well as busy activity in the home.



Installing Hardwood Flooring

Investing in high-quality hardwood will ensure that your floors last the test of time. Solid hardwood is best for rooms that are on and above level in your home like bedrooms and living rooms. Engineered hardwood however is suitable for all levels of your home, and can even be installed in finished basements. Since the climate down here in Florida tends to be humid, engineered hardwood is a great choice, and we offer moisture testing to ensure your space is right. Even engineered hardwood still should not be installed in areas with a lot of moisture like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Engineered wood delivers the warmth and added value you expect from a hardwood floor, but is much more cross-functional. Even areas in your home that experience heavy traffic are great locations for engineered hardwood, and you can show off your floors to your guests without having to worry about accidental damage. Engineered wood can be refinished like solid wood, but the number of times depends on how thick the top layer of wood is.



Our Hardwood Selection

Are you saying yes to hardwood? Visit our store in Melbourne, Florida, to discover all the best hardwood brands and options available. We are the best place to buy hardwood near you, and our experienced team will ensure you find the right product for your needs. We offer subfloor moisture testing before we install your floors to ensure hardwood is the best fit for you. We can also set you up with a stress-free and convenient installation. Our team is here to bring you beautiful interiors and friendly, personalized service. We proudly serve Melbourne and Palm Bay, Florida.





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How to Care for Hardwood

Properly taking care of your new hardwood floors is so important for keeping them looking beautiful. Here are a few simple tips that you can follow.



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Start browsing through our wide range of natural wood flooring options, from dark rustic woods to bright, contemporary styles.



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