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Types of Carpet 

When you think carpet, think K & Y Carpet One Floor & Home. We are happy to be your local carpet retailer, and with over fifty years of experience, we have the know-how needed to get your project done right. Feeling unsure of what you want? Our flooring professionals can help you by using our unique Select-A-Floor™ system. The system works to slim down all the carpets on the market to a few carpets that fit your needs and style. Not sure what you like yet? That’s okay too! Our experts can work with you to determine what you want as far as texture, color, and style by walking you through the showroom. 

Once you’ve decided on a few styles, it is crucial to think about what carpet fiber you should purchase. There are five different types of carpet fibers, made out of either synthetic or natural materials. All of these fibers look and function differently, so understanding your needs and what the fibers are suitable for is essential to your carpet investment. 

The types of fibers are nylon, polyester, olefin/polypropylene, triexta, and wool. 

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Types of Fibers 

Nylon is a long-time favorite in the carpet industry. It does require treatment to become stain resistant but is also known for being high performance.

Polyester is growing in popularity as technology improves its features. Polyester is more affordable than nylon and is a durable carpet fiber. 

Olefin/Polypropylene is known for being bold in patterned carpets. It is best for low traffic areas like living and dining rooms. 

Triexta is a new, synthetic fiber type that is naturally stain resistant but is not usually compared to other fibers because it has not been on the market for very long. 

Wool is a natural fiber made from the fleece of lambs, so it is a sustainable material. It is also ideal for keeping rooms warm. 


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