Tile Ideas for your Bathroom

Get inspired with these ideas from our flooring experts.

Tile Flooring Ideas for your Bathroom

bathroom tile trends

Are you considering changing the floors in your bathroom? The sky is the limit when choosing bathroom floor tiles. From practical ceramic tile flooring to beautiful porcelain tile, to beautiful stone tile flooring, many options are available and waiting for your selection. Here's a list of some ideas to that will spark your creativity. Get inspired!

Ceramic floor tiles

A strong trend in ceramic tile floors is using mix and match sizes (combining small and large floor tiles in staggered, hexagonal, and octagonal patterns). Also, you can make a tile carpet (arrange the tiles to look like a rug surrounding a toilet, in front of your vanity, or in front of the shower)

Porcelain floor tiles

They offer greater water and stain resistance than ceramic, as well as unparalleled design versatility. The two basic types of porcelain bathroom floor tiles are glazed and through-bodied. Porcelain tiles can mimic limestone or granite, and the latest designs make your tile surface look like animal prints, fabric, or leather!

Natural stone tiles 

Honed natural stone (has an uneven, ground flat surface) gives you traction when your floors get wet. You can also get sandblasted natural stone. Stone tiles are more wear-resistant and stronger than glazed tile, and their surface texture helps to make them slip-resistant. Marble tiles come in many colors and is a highly durable choice for your bathroom floor. Quartzite tile is made from metamorphic rock and has an elegant, natural appearance. 

If you are not sure which the best option for your bathroom is, contact our store today, and one of our experts will help you find the best fit for you and your lifestyle.