How To Create An Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall is an affordable and easy way to change a space in your home. 

tips to create an accent wall

Making changes in your home does not have to be an expensive and complicated process. You can create a beautiful, updated space creating an accent wall. An accent wall is a standout wall in a room where the accompanying walls are plain and a single color. These tend to work in just about any room because they become a focal point and draw the attention to that one area. They can be as extravagant as you like or a more simplistic accent. It’s an area where you can allow your personality to shine through and employ just about any artistic vision you can imagine.  

Ideas For Your Wall 

There are endless accent wall ideas. However, there are a few basics that can help get your ideas flowing. For starters, you want to choose a pattern or accent wall that compliments the rest of the room. Whether you are painting a simple design or a more complex art piece, you want to make sure it blends well. Next, consider the kinds of patterns you may want to use. Again, the options are endless, but you can use geometric shapes, flowers, splatter, etc. Don't be afraid to be creative. Try out some metallic paints like gold and silver or even a bit of glitter to add an extra bit of spice! 

Lastly, decide what other accents you may want to use to fill the wall. You can only paint your accent wall a stand out shade and then create a photo collage on top of it instead of painting a pattern.  Accent walls are an affordable way to brighten up any room in your home. They are an excellent way to show your creative side and add personality to the décor of your home. Do some research on accent wall ideas if you are having a tough time thinking of some and borrow from each one to create your unique design.