Healthier Living Installation

Healthier Living Installation Melbourne, FL

Did you know that harmful substances like mold and bacteria can live underneath your floor? These substances largely go unnoticed by homeowners and can make a home unhealthy to live in. If you are concerned about these harmful substances affecting your home, then you might want to consider installing your next floor using Carpet One Floor & Home’s exclusive Healthier Living Installation.

The Healthier Living Installation will treat your floor for harmful substances like mold, mildew, allergens, dust, and more. Our process is simple. Once your old floor is removed, we vacuum your subfloor with a HEPA filter vacuum. The HEPA filter is designed to remove 99.99% of small particles from the floor and prevent them from being recycled back into the air. Then we treat the subfloor with our HealthinEx Antimicrobial Treatment. This is a light spray that is registered with the EPA and meets Indoor Air and Surface Quality standards; the HealthinEx Antimicrobial Treatment is water-based and just as safe as using a can of Lysol! The spray will dry within minutes, after which we install your floor as per usual. Once the floor is installed we vacuum the floor with the HEPA filter vacuum again!

The Healthier Living Installation is a service that you can’t get anywhere else. Other flooring installers might notice that your subfloor is stricken with mold, mildew, or other harmful materials and won’t treat the problem. Some people might have you replace the entire subfloor, which can be very costly. Others might simply just cover up any issues, which can be even costlier. We are the only flooring installer that will treat and prevent harmful substances from afflicting you and your home.

Anytown Carpet One offers healthier living installation on ALL types of flooring, including hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl, and laminate. We also offer Double Wear and Texture warranties for all carpet installed using our HealthinEx carpet cushion. If you are interested in making your home safer and healthier with the Healthier Living Installation, contact K & Y Carpet One at 321-473-9231 or stop by our showroom at 699 South Apollo Blvd in Melbourne, FL to speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals.