Area Rugs in Melbourne, FL

area rugs, Melbourne, Florida Area rugs are an easy way to add personality to a space, giving a much-needed punch of color to a room and even give you a soft space to land if you decide to sit on the floor, but with so many choices, how do you pick the right area rugs for home? From the way you’ll use the rug to your personal design preferences, here’s how to pick the right area rug for your home. Take a look at the things you need to have in mind.

Location for The Rug

Where will the rug be used? A lofty, shaggy white rug might be the perfect accent for a grownup bedroom or sunroom, but would be a poor choice for a child’s playroom. Thinking about where you want the rug to go can help you make choices about color, texture, and size. In general, lower pile area rugs work well for areas with high traffic or where there are kids and pets, while fluffier rugs can be used as a truly eye-catching accent in lower traffic areas. A low pile rug with an eye-catching design and non-skid backing may be just what you need by the front door, while a loftier pile piece is the perfect luxury piece for your bedside.

Your Personal Style

What represents your style? The piece you choose will be an investment and if you buy a quality area rug for home, you’ll have it for many years. Buying a design with a color palette and texture you really gravitate towards can help you make the most of your investment and ensure you still like and use the piece for years to come. If you are starting a brand new room design from scratch, starting with an area rug you love can give you a built-in color palette and a style to anchor the whole room around. Choose what you love and you’ll always be happy with your purchase.

Choosing the right area rugs for home allows you to make the most of this important design feature and by selecting a quality piece now; you’ll have a beautiful accent piece you can enjoy for years to come. To learn more about selecting the best flooring for you home, visit our store today and get a peek at the most recent trends or if you need help getting started, we’re here to help. Contact us here for help choosing the perfect pieces for every room.