Advantages of Laminate

Advantages of Laminate Melbourne, FL

Laminate floors in Florida

Laminate flooring is becoming the most popular type of floors due to the many benefits of it. You can experience floors that appear like real hardwood, stone, tile or sand.

The durable finish on these floors is very resistant to stains, impacts, and scratches and even fading in the sunlight. These attributes allow you to enjoy beautiful flooring that is also long lasting for many years to come without the need for replacement.

Most laminate floors are installed as a floating floor that requires no messy glues to adhere the planks together. This type of flooring is very easy to install, because the planks generally just snap together like tongue and groove to stay in place.

The beauty of a floating floor is that you can install it over any other sub floor type without the need to remove the original flooring. Sub floors may be concrete, existing carpet, plywood, vinyl flooring or OSB. The laminate just rests on top of the original sub floor and is not attached to it will fasteners, nails, screws or glue. This is a great advantage when installing flooring as it saves the cost of fasteners and the time involved in doing so. If you are having your laminate installed for you, it can reduce the installation cost because it takes little time to install flooring in an entire room.

Floating floors can be installed with an underlayment padding that reduces the sounds of walking on it. In colder climates, you can have this type of flooring installed over concrete slabs that use radiant heat to warm the air in between the slab and flooring and therefore warm the laminate. This type of installation can greatly reduce your energy costs by needing less heat in a room to warm the floors and reduce the need for area rugs that hide your beautiful flooring.

Trim and moldings are available in laminate to match the flooring. They include a fiber core with laminate on top in matching colors and patterns. You may also choose to use real wood trim and molding in a different shade than the flooring to accent your trim in a room.

The upkeep is simple on laminate flooring as it requires no wax or polish at any point, but retains its luster that it is manufactured with throughout its life.